2 weeks ago I discovered that Google chrome was finally available for Linux. So, I tried it and it took me only 2 days to switch from Firefox, and I was using Firefox for so long it wasn't even called Firefox at the time (do you remember phenix or firebird? Or even the mozilla suite that existed before that?).

I thought I never switch because I was addicted to some of the extensions that I needed to survive online. But Google Chrome has extensions now. I particularly like Chromed bird the best twitter client I found so far.

The main reason I switched is speed, Chrome is freaking fast, especially with eavy javascipt site like iGoogle, gmail,  google wave, Digg, facebook or any site that is not Flex...

There is the thing I was getting tired of with Firefox.

  • A general slowness, that wasn't solve with the last version which was suppose to be fast.

  • When you have to use authentication on a proxy and have extensions that try to connect to internet at the start you can have like a dozen of authentications popups at each startup. And if you had a master password you'd have a dozen of master password popups.