First I have to say, my memory don't work and I'm very bad at note taking. I need a tool that permits notes taking across all my devices presents and future.
What do I need?

  • Being able to take notes everywhere

    • At Home on Linux,

    • At work on Windows (sic)

    • On the road with my android phone.

  • Might have punctual need for taking notes from pictures or audio.

What I'm doing now:

  • Capturing text notes on tomboy (Linux or Windows)

  • The notes are synced via Ubuntu one (when the service is not down)

  • I start using Evernote because there is a good Android client and to record non-text notes. I love the web clipper, I'm planning a travel right now and I can capture web page and having it in Evernote even if I'm not connected which might be the case if I travel abroad.

What I'm missing:

  • With Tomboy :

    • Tomdroid doesn't permit editing notes on the phone. (I should participate and develop the feature myself, but we know that's not gonna happened and that I am ashamed of it).

    • Ubuntu one is far from being a reliable service (for example I couldn't use is for 2 month because of one corrupted notes)

    • I don't have to use Ubuntu one to synchronize notes between computer, I can synchronized with a Dropbox directory and let Dropbox do the work. It doesn't work on android because Dropbox doesn't sync yet, it just give you access to the files that you can download manually and individually (not a viable solution). And Dropbox is not very nice to use under windows, the file system is so poorly handled that the all PC lags.

  • With Evernote

    • No official Linux Client

    • Don't like the client at all, it is cluttered and barely usable. Always have to use the mouse, which is a non sense for a productivity application.

    • Seems to be a good capture tool but does it work well for review organizing, prioritizing ? I don't think so.

    • There is a free client called NeverNote that may be more usable because less cluttered but it doesn't sync on my work computer doesn't seems to figure out the proxy.

If you have a suggestions for a note applications, please leave a comment.
This article as been written in tomboy notes, but I haven't figured out why the post to your blog plugin stopped working.