These days, phone manufacturers spend hard cash to lock down their devices, and make them less usable. Yes, They are spending money and time to offer me LESS functionalities. Even if I'd never intended to root my phone and think that doesn't have any impact on me, I AM PAYING for them to develop crap that disable features on the hardware I own. I am stupid or what?

I plead guilty I'm a son a capitalist society, I love gadgets, I buy a lot of them, most of them that I probably don't need. But I am tired to have hardware that are not working the way I want.
What can I do? I won't buy a locked down hardware, it means that even if there is an exploit to root the incredible S or the sensation (it hurts because I'm half hard just looking at the spec of this phone). I won't buy it.

I've made this post and the brain dead suits will still make dumb ass decision who serve nobody, except maybe the big telecom, especially in the US where free market means that the big guy can do what they want. Here, in my socialist country, all the phones are available unlocked and if you buy a SIM-locked phone, you can ask for a unlock code after 6 month. What are you doing, you, leader of the free world?

This post has been written listening to the Beastie Boys: "Fight For Your Right"