There is the applications I can't live without.

  • Tasker : automate my phone. a must have, probably the first app I restore after a wipe. 
  • Ipaper : a very simple client, you read or add article to it. Don't get in the way. 
  • Podcast clients : I have tried a lot but Listen is the only one that sticks, even if it is pretty limited. DoggCatcher as some very good reviews but is really a piece of shit, it doesn't even have an export feature. That's the only application I have regrets for buying. 
  • Evernote which becomes better and better with every version, I'm thinking about going premium. 
  • Of course as a root user, I love ROM Manager. I flash my Phone everytime a Cyanogen Nightly is availlable. 
The game I play :
  • As anybody on the first world planet I play all the availlable flavour of Angry Bird. 
  • Tower Raiders is a nice tower defence, pretty addictive and the is a version 2

The applications I miss :

  • A good ebooks reader that supports pdf, the only functionalities I do need are: text reflow and remember where I was in the file. I broke my kindle and I don't have a tablet yet and I need to be able to read all the Manning Early Access Program I bought. 
  • A good Podcast clients, ideally which can sync with a Google reader directory as listen does. There is a bunch client but most of them don't have the feature I need, but are bloated with useless feature.