There is a lot of podcast client for android, I tested a few. But none of the so called best one's have the basic features that I need.
Basic features that any podcast client should have:
  • Synchronization with Google Reader or an online service with a Linux client like gpodder, I don't mean an import feature witch only create duplication. As far as I know only Listen is doing that. It is not doing it without flaws but at least it does the job. 
  • At least a podcast client that doesn't sync should be able to export  subscription, and some of the best rated apps don't even do that. (DoggCatcher I'm looking at you! You have the only application I have regrets buying). 
  • Simple download customization (only on wifi, only on power option will work). Most of the clients have that at least.
  • Auto-queue item as they come. This is one of the missing feature of  Listen
Advanced feature that I'd like: 
  • Use a web synchronization service like Gpodder with a real synchronization that handle subscription, read/unread and provide the possibility to start listening on a device an resume it on another. There is a Gpodder client for Android but it is not usable yet. 
Overrated features that podcast client have (feature that are often implemented even if they are not as useful as they seems): 
  • On device search: doing the search is easier on a desktop, maybe more needed on a tablet edition. 
  • Download option on per podcast: it is a very high maintenance feature, it seems like a good idea but from a practical point, you probably won't ever need it. Typically a very low return of investment on this feature. 
  • RSS reader, I don't think that have the same client for sound and text makes sense. 
Today I'm using Listen but I there is some big issues with it: 
  • The application haven't received any update in a year. 
  • The application is often killed during playback. 
  • When a download fails you are not clearly warned about and it is not clear how the retries are handled. 
If you know a podcast client that makes sense for my use please tell me. For now I think I'm going to take a look on the Gpodder client for Android development, the project needs some love and would be a really nice solution for Linux / Android users.