My desktop computer is almost 4 year old and my laptop 3 yr old. I'm starting to feel the need for a new PC.
I don't use my desktop very much and it feel like a waste of space and power. I am looking for a good laptop, my uses are :
  • Development under eclipse.
  • Usual Web surfing, time wasting online.
My current Laptop is a Lenovo X300 name xena which is a 13" screen laptop with a low voltage processor but I have few issues with it : 
  • It gets warm (it is a known problem on this hardware)
  • The performance are at a level that can make it my main machine. 
  • Don't need the smallest form factor would prefer a larger screen with full HD (eclipse does need a lot of pixels). 
  • It could have a longer battery life considering that I replaced the optical drive with a second battery.
There the technical characteristics I'm looking for :
  • Should run perfectly under Linux.
  • I would love not having to pay the windows tax as I don't use it. system76 seems to be a solution but they don't do french keyboard.
  • 15" screen with a good resolution at least 1680*1050 but full HD would be best. 
  • A good keyboard (the lenovo thinkpad ones are perfect). 
  • 8 Go RAM
  • >= 500 Go drive (don't need a SSD). 
  • A docking station would be nice to use the laptop as a desktop with a dual screen. 
  • Good battery life, the more the better I would love a >5h of real battery life.
So far, I've looked a the at the Dell XPS 15z which seems nice, but not many options to customize the beast. 

Please, don't tell me to buy a Mac, I'm looking for a computer. ;)

Edit: I want to revamp all my IT setup to simplify and secure it. I started a mindmap about it :