Today, I was browsing I discovered the site a few days ago and I love it. The articles are precise and well writen and I Love the tone of the site, so when I saw that some of the article have made into a book, I bought it earlier today and red it on my kindle. This book is about edible but since it is not an edible you can eat the whole thing, it is safe and fun to read. :D

I started this writing wanting to make a classical review but, maybe because I took half a tea spoon of AVB with my falafel sandwich 45 minutes ago, I feel more like sharing my adventures. Maybe that should be the real review type, hum…

I do like the fact that the old friend is insisting on the be carreful, even with years and years of experience and supposed tolerance, you can take too much. So be aware, and if you have taken too much, remember that it cannot kill you, it won’t even try. But you may thing you are going to die. ;)

I am experiencing with edible for a few month now. I made brownies with hash, I made cannabutter from hash. I did that without any real knowledge about decarbs or anything else than THC loves fat. I use my cannabutter in brownies of with pastas or I tried it alone but it tasted very bad and it was hard not to barf. Then I found the simplier way to consume my butter with this recipe :

Recipe: Put in cup your dose of butter and dark chocolate and honey, then 30 to 40s in the micro wave so you can mix the ingredients together. Then you have a Space Chocolate Shooter. I don’t give any indication of the dosage here because it depends on your butter and your tolerance. You MUST try and respect the rules of edibles (extracted from the book)

  1. Try less than 1/8 of the recommended dose for any new edible.
  2. If it smells strongly, it probably is seriously strong.
  3. If it tastes strongly, it really is seriously strong!
  4. Wait at least 2 hours, or until you feel the effects, before adding another same-sized piece to your dose (assuming you decide you do want more).
  5. Edibles always have a built-in time delay. Plan in advance what you’ll be doing and where you’ll be when they kick in (generally anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2 hours after eating).

This days I do my first experiment with AVB, the thing I love with it. It taste great, I love putting it in my food, it is a new spice. Until now I never took too much, but the other day I was taking my ABV with some peanut butter and I thought it would be so easy to take too much, just because it taste so good. So I mesure what I’m gonna take and put it in a separate jar and try not to take directly from the goodie jar.

I did all my experiments in the confort of my home. I didn’t tried it in the wild yet.

You can buy the ebook here :